Tempio del Tempo V

Stainless steel, borosilicate glass, soy wax, TPE rubber



Tempio del Tempo V - orange candle

Tempio del Tempo V - orange candle

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"A candle holder which expresses the concept of "forever" ".



Candle holder and flower holder in a single object, Tempio del Tempo was conceived as a small altar for the home, created through the union of simple and symbolic shapes that fit together without connections and remain divisible: two stainless steel rings joined together with invisible welding, a pure soy wax candle with a cotton wick and a borosilicate glass vase. The removable closure of the steel base is made of recycled rubber and creates the ideal support to accommodate candles, even with a diameter smaller than that supplied.

- Replacing the candles with vases, or alternating them will allow you to constantly use this object throughout the year, following the alternation of the seasons.
- Dimensions suitable for: dining tables, consoles, cupboards and sideboards.
- Included: n ° 1 stainless steel base, n° 5 rubber closures, n° 5 candles, n °5 glass jars.






• Stainless steel

• borosilicate glass• soy wax• TPE rubber



• orange candles


(in): W 11.02 x D 1,57 x H 7,87 2,05 Ibs

(cm): W 28 x D 4 x H 20 0,92 kg



• Stainless steel: Northern Italy

• Borosilicate hand-painted glass: Northern Italy

• Soy wax candles: Northern Italy

• TPE rubber: Northern Italy





This object is made up of separate components, you'll create the shape yourself, putting them together.





• stainless steel: clean with a soft, damp cloth or rinse under running water to remove wax residue.

• non-harmful soy wax & cotton: join the candle to the steel component, do not leave it on for more than 2 consecutive hours and put it out by dipping the wick in the wax to avoid smoking.

• borosilicate glass: clean the bottom inside of the vase simply filling it with wine vinegar and letting it sit for a whole day. Then pour the vinegar into a closed glass or plastic bottle and save it for the next use (do not throw the vinegar in the toilet or sink, it damages aquatic organisms). Rinse the vase with water and dry with a soft cloth.

• TPE rubber: join the rubber pad to the steel component, it can accommodate candles of various diameters: pour hot wax on the base and make the candle adhere, if you do not use the one supplied.











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