Interiors and objects with Italian natural materials, conceived by Coki Barbieri and created by the local craftsmen to expand a new slow living awareness and surround oneself with a few objects, capable of staying alongside us over time.





yellow wabi sabi vase
Cochlea della Metamorfosi - 2 - vase
wabi sabi interior vessel
Cochlea della Metamorfosi - 1 - vase






pink lamp




white lamp










pink vessel
Cochlea dello Sviluppo - vase



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pink glass lamp
Rocklumìna XXS lamp


your footprint on this planet,
free your soul
and surround yourself with a few wonderful objects.


With this inspiration Coki Barbieri works as an architectural and product designer, specialized in sustainability, tracing a path with COKI brand characterized by constant contact with the nature of the first hills on the Adriatic sea, where the sea breeze it does not come often and it is always the right time to sharpen the tip of the pencils, cut the cardboard and test the tenacity of raw materials.

Her open-air laboratory is full of perfumes and the large work tables tell the story the alchemy that arises between the materials, the prototypes and the relationship of trust with her Italian artisans.








Join our path for a sustainable future.


In 2020 COKI won the Green Product Award with Rocklumìna lamp, already selected among the works of emerging designers from Salone del Mobile, Milan.







rock salt lamp
Rocklumìna S lamp


Natural materials
take you to a new place,
which your memory already knows.


"Coki Barbieri established her eponymous studio-workshop in Rimini in 2017, bringing to life a sustainable way of conceiving the product design for home. Nature inspires her environmentally conscious creations, which are imbued with emotional energy while maintaining their aesthetic impact and practical functionality. Coki collaborates with talented Italian craftsmen to produce one-of-a-kind homeware objects capable of unlocking new synergies between concepts, materials, and use".

(ARTEMEST, July 2019)






eco minimal interior
Cochlea dello Sviluppo vase


Sustainable home objects
& architectural designs made with natural materials of Italian origin

Everything that is imagined by a designer mind is not good or bad until it is related to its user.
The deep meaning of the term sustainability is in the object-user relationship.
Nothing is less sustainable than objects or spaces that are not used, or that are used only for a momentary tendency, even if they were created with materials defined as natural or ecological.
The unusable spaces will be abandoned, increasing the sense of dissatisfaction.
Objects that are difficult to understand and use will throw away, they will not know repair,
they will increase the mountain of waste and, definitively, they will not be useless.
The task of today's designers is to overcome chaos, open new dialogues, propose solutions not to feed that mountain of lost opportunities and be proactive: design for feelings.







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organic design
Cochlea del Risveglio vase



"  I definitely love my new vase, it is a real sculpture! It seems an art piece and I often leave it without flowers as a centerpiece, where who enter see it immediately ".

Kate J.





sustainable design
Rocklumìna lamp



"  I bought two Rocklumìna as bedside lamps for my double bedroom. Needless to say, I fell in love with the lamp in the photos, but live it is indescribably beautiful! ".

Melissa L.





sustainable interiors
Private Home



" Thanks to the meticulous, precise preparation (...) and the constant presence of  COKI studio, I was able to create the house I have always wanted, made with ecological and healthy materials! ".

Antonietta L.P.







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Coki's projects are now in the most beautiful homes in New York, London, Manila, Berlin, Dubai and we cannot describe how sweet is the caress your purchases give to our teamwork.

When we prepare and send our packages we feel the emotion of giving you a moment of happiness. 

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