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OUR new regenerative approach TO NATURAL MATERIALS

COKI is design laboratory founded in 2017 by Italian product and architectural designer Coki Barbieri (she/her). The studio is located on the first hills of Rimini, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and surrounded by thick, spontaneous vegetation. Coki's work is inspired by rationalist architecture and the morphologies of animal and plant kingdoms.

Using cardboard and cork to prototype Coki designs geometries and connections between elements, which are then defined digitally and with hand drawings. Handicraft production recovers local raw materials and preserves ancient working stone, glass, and metal methods. 




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Join our path for a sustainable future

Combining notions of geology, chemistry, and design culture, COKI offers new materials by reusing fragments, stone scraps, and minerals. The production cycle exploits the power of the sun and air to create many project components. This offsets some of the CO2 emissions caused by borosilicate glass and stainless steel processing.

COKI aims to develop a production and logistics chain with the least possible waste of resources and materials. In 2020, the brand won the Green Product Award and was internationally recognized for its sustainable and ethical approach to home decor.



Coki Barbieri, an Italian architectural and product designer, began her career in 2014 by creating the first house with sustainable underfloor heating on the Adriatic coast, a small villa by the sea where she perfected every teaching of sustainable architecture. She studied natural materials for years to use them as an architect.

Still, over time, she approached the prototypes for sustainable household objects, driven by the desire to offer her customers products that do not emit harmful oil-based substances. Thus was born Rocklumìna table lamp, which in 2019 arrived at the Salone del Mobile in Milan - SaloneSatellite, curated by Marva Griffin.

From there begins the story of COKI, a brand of high craftsmanship for home decor, exclusively made in Italy with natural, safe materials and a sustainable production cycle.



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"We need a pink stone that closely matches this fabric," you said. It's always a pleasure to attend to your requests. We strive to ensure that we create objects that match your desired color. At COKI, we use mineral pigments to create the colors you see in our products, starting from the raw materials each time. Sending out our packages always fills us with joy, as it is our way of bringing a moment of happiness to you.


We think of our company as a tree with long branches, and through our customer service, we are like thoughtful gardeners, ensuring that the fruit reaches your garden. As consumers ourselves, we believe that ethical online shopping can bring us closer even if we are located on opposite sides of the world.



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"  First of all I would like to thank you for your hard work. I already received my items and both of them was amazing and so good. I really looking forward to buy two more crystals lamps next month. I wish you a good luck because your products are really special ".

Sarah (KW) 


"  I bought two Rocklumìna as bedside lamps for my double bedroom. Needless to say, I fell in love with the lamp in the photos, but live it is indescribably beautiful! (...)".

Melissa (IT)



" Thanks to the meticulous, precise preparation (...) and the constant presence of  COKI studio, I was able to create the house I have always wanted, made with ecological and healthy materials! ".

Antonietta (IT)