Rocklumìna s

table lamp with Italian rock salt




Rocklumìna (S) - natural white crystals



This product is certified for exclusive use with 220-240V 50Hz systems: LED E14 2-4W.

The product does not work with 110-120V.

Inquire about the voltage used in your country of residence before purchasing.

We ship lamps to the US, but do not take any responsibility for any rewiring.

Rocklumìna S WHITE

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"An object capable of keeping company"


Suitable as a centerpiece, desk and table lamp, this S version of the Rocklumìna clear glass table lamp (where rock hints at the rock salt and "lumi" is the Italian referring to non-electrical lights) exploits pure rock salt crystals housed in its cylindrical body to turn into a natural humidity regulator. The included, low-consumption LED light (4W A++) lights up the crystals accenting their hue obtained with natural pigments. Suitable also as a fragrance diffuser by adding essential oils' drops onto the top, this design features a fully-recyclable frame held together by an interlocking system.




• Italian rock salt crystals colored with natural pigments

• Borosilicate glass



• transparent crystals in transparent glass


• Dimensions (in):  W 5,91 x D 5,91 x H 13.19
• Dimensions (cm): W 15 x D 15 x H 33.5



E14 socket / T-20 LED A++ (4W) IRC 90 - CE certified included

• European electricity plug C | 220-240V 50Hz

• we ship to the US, but do not take any responsibility for any rewiring



• Italian rock salt crystals: South Italy

• Borosilicate glass: Northern Italy



This lamp is made up of 3 separate pieces, you'll create final result, putting them together.

• Rocklumìna is composed of:

- glass body, in which you will insert the included bulb

- glass bulb saver, to be placed on top of the bulb

- crystals bag that contains the rock salt of the chosen color, which you will insert in the glass body.


Filling and emptying the cleaning lamp is quick and easy, you can do it in about 1-2 minutes. Place the lamp on a soft cloth during maneuvers.

Rocklumìna works through a double body in transparent glass, the crystals make it white or colored. Each crystals bag supplied with the lamp (can also be purchased separately) it has a duration of years, even if the lamp is always on.









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