Giacigli cat beds collection


Indoor dwellings for cats, with hemp fiber and 10% of recycled plastics, which create an acoustic and thermal insulation around the pet, pampering him with soft surfaces.

The evocative smell of shrubs, the vegetable fibers under the fingertips: using Giacigli is like running through the woods, sharpening the nails on the bark, finding the softness of the mother's belly. The dwellings is composed of separate elements, joined with manual connections without glues, are light and can be easily assembled and stored during the summer time, if not used. 


Selected by EcoMuseo della Canapa








" I imagined bringing them back among those elements of Nature not modified by man, those that are really part of their genetic memory".


Coki Barbieri


Only human energy is required to produce Giacigli from the starting material, no kind of machine assembly is foreseen and no harmful substances are emitted at any stage of processing.
The natural fibers of which they are composed (kenaf and hemp), are able to improve the environment in which they complete their life cycle, from creation to decommissioning: they absorb more carbon dioxide than any other cultivable species; they purify the soil from toxic substances and bring considerable amounts of oxygen to the soil. These two plant species tolerate drought well; their cultivation does not require the use of herbicides and pesticides and the waste from the fiber extraction process is re-used as green fodder and fuels.

These fibers are nowadays also cultivated in Italy and are intended for both the construction and textile sectors.
Natural materials, if not polluted by other substances, are 100% recyclable. Waste and resulting elements can be classified as non-hazardous special waste and can be re-used both for recycling and for re-use.








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