Rocklumìna lamps F.A.Q.




What is Rocklumìna?


Rocklumìna works as a:

  • high energy efficiency lamp
  • natural humidity soft regulator
  • essences diffuser




How does it work?


Rocklumìna works through a double body in transparent glass,

the crystals make it white or colored.

Changing their color is very fast: in just one minute you can extract the crystals

and replace them with those of a new shade.




Something about the crystal?




With every lamp you'll receive the colored crystals.


You can replace the crystals every time you want, choose the colors you want and order them after buying the lamp, in a separate time. You can change the colors of you lamp as you prefer by mantaining the same lamp.

Every crystals bag lasts several years.








Any other questions?

Do not hesitate to write to us!

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