How to clean the bottom of the vase?


Cleaning the bottom of the pot is very simple.

  • You can use a tangled cloth or brush* by sliding them inside the tube.
  • To clean deeper and remove limescale, you can fill the jar with wine vinegar* and leave it full for half a day.
  • Then empty the jar halfway (keeping the vinegar in a container for the next use) and closing one of the two holes in the jar with one hand, vigorously shake the vinegar inside the tube.


* Do not throw the vinegar in the toilet, it is harmful to living organisms, keep it in a plastic or glass bottle for all subsequent uses (it is almost infinite).







How to clean the outside of the vase?


If you have chosen:


  • the colored version of the vases, pay attention to their cleanliness: they are hand painted. You can clean with a cloth moistened with water or you can run the vase under water and clean by hand with a drop of dish soap. Do not put in the dishwasher, do not use alcohol and solvents to clean the external surface of the ja
  • If you have chosen the transparent vase, you can clean its surface with alcohol.
    Do not put in the dishwasher.








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