How to clean the bottom of the vase?

Cleaning the bottom of the pot is very simple.

  • You can use a tangled cloth or brush by sliding them inside the tube.
  • To clean deeper and remove limescale, you can fill the glass component with wine vinegar* or citric acid and leave it full for half a day.
  • Then empty the glass components halfway (keeping the vinegar in a container for the next use) and closing one of the two holes of the vase with one hand, vigorously shake the vinegar inside the tube.


* Do not throw the vinegar in the toilet, it is harmful to living organisms, keep it in a plastic or glass bottle for all subsequent uses (it is almost infinite).



How to clean the outside of the vase?

If you have chosen:

  • the colored glass version of the vases, pay attention to their cleanliness: they are hand painted. You can clean with a cloth moistened with water or you can run the vase under water and clean by hand with a drop of dish soap. Do not put in the dishwasher. Do not use alcohol and solvents to clean the external surface of the vase.
  • If you have chosen the clear glass, you can clean its surface with alcohol. Do not put in the dishwasher.



How to clean the STONE COMPONENTS?

The handcrafted stone we peoduce has an unlimited duration over time, but it must not be wet or placed in damp areas of the house or near sources of humidity. Any white efflorescence is part of the naturalness of the product (they are due to the salts it contains) and of the particularity of the stone. The best method to clean it is the vacuum cleaner, use the nozzle directly on the surface. Or you can dust it with a very soft, dry and clean cloth, never rubbing the surface. 




The sporadic drops of water that may fall on the artifact during the arrangement of the flowers are reabsorbed by the stone within a few hours and do not damage the material.




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