Cochlea del Risveglio

Nude glass and prehistoric stone vase




Cochlea del Risveglio - TRANSPARENT

Cochlea del Risveglio - TRANSPARENT

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"A vase dedicated to those who want to get out of their shell"


Inspired by the life stages of snails, the vases of the Cochleae collection are divided into: Risveglio, Sviluppo and Liberazione.

Risveglio (Awakening) represents the first phase, in which the invertebrate body (the curved glass) rises free towards the sky, embraced on the sides by the calcarenite shell.

The production follows a sustainable cycle of reuse of scraps from the processing of prehistoric Matera stone, the surface of which is treated with an ecological substance developed by the COKI studio. This vase is made up of three parts and you will be able to assemble them yourself.






• Italian prehistoric stone

• transparent borosilicate glass



• transparent glass


• Dimensions (in): W 9,1 x D 5,5 x H 11,8
• Dimensions (cm): W 23 x D 14 x H 30



• Historical stone of Matera: South Italy

• Borosilicate hand-painted glass: Northern Italy



The vase is made up of 3 separate pieces, you'll create the shape yourself, putting them together.




• Pay much attention during the movements to join the components, too abrupt maneuvers can mark the glaze of the glass.

Clean the bottom inside of the vase simply filling it with wine vinegar and letting it sit for a whole day. Then pour the vinegar into a closed glass or plastic bottle and save it for the next use (do not throw the vinegar in the toilet or sink, it damages aquatic organisms). Rinse the jar with water and dry with a soft cloth.














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