natural materials

as a precious resource


Design of spaces and objects
special for their practicality of use and for their healthiness in relation to man and the environment: products in Italian territory, by expert artisans, with materials of natural origin and components that are divisible and easily recyclable, officially recognized for their use in the green buildings sector.
Free of animal origin components.





practicality of use,
Italian production,
materials of natural origin,
easy recycling



healthy materials
of natural origin, which is not effective harmful and can be used in full, without risk to humans, nature and the environment.


few components

assembled by means of the least possible number of connections and the almost total exclusion of glues (however of natural origin), so that the elements can be easily separated from each other at the time of disposal.


practicality of use

at the center of the project development: it increases through interaction tests with the end user, through the User Experience method, from the conception phase to the production phase.


made in Italy
design, procurement of raw materials, production and packaging implemented in Italy.






what is done well

it will last forever

and certainly
as long as you need it



Everything that is imagined by the mind
of a designer is neither good nor bad
until it is related to its user.
It is right in the object-user relationship
that is the deep meaning of the term sustainability.

Nothing is less sustainable
of objects or spaces that are not used
- or that are used only for a momentary tendency -, even if they were created with materials defined sustainable / natural / ecological.

The unusable spaces will be abandoned,
increasing the sense of dissatisfaction.
Objects that are difficult to understand and use will throw away, not know repair,
and increase the mountain of waste:

definitively, will not be useless.

The task of today's designers is to overcome chaos, open new dialogues, propose solutions not to feed that mountain of lost opportunities
and be proactive: design for feelings.






expanding your knowledge
of natural materials,
creating a healthy environment

around you





(housing / offices / shops / wellness salons)



Short path that offers advice and targeted support for specific situations that the owner wants to implement independently.




Path aimed at translating the specific needs of the inhabitant into spaces, objects, materials and lighting systems.

- green building
- sustainable redevelopment
- interior spaces design
- redevelopment of
damaged rooms (molds)- guided self-maintenance of the house

- natural paints
waterproofing of internal and external surfaces - innovative materials
systems of replacement and purification of the internal air (VMC) natural lighting
- natural lighting
- artificial lighting (inspired by the methods of Light Therapy)





(lighting / pet design / utility products)




Design, development and self-production of objects with strong functional properties, designed to increase user satisfaction and well-being
- objects of daily use:
- objects for the restoration of the environment
- pets for pets
- objects for lighting


* with self-production we intend to show you that the entire project of development of an object is in our hands, but the production phases are entrusted to the expert Italian artisans. The study takes care of: design, prototyping, development, work assignments and packaging; the execution of the works and their certification are done by local companies that collaborate with us.



Development of prototypes on the basis of specific requests for feasibility analysis and user tests.





COKI. studio

We can establish a direct contact and you will have the opportunity to touch the materials we will talk about, chatting the pleasant relaxing place surrounded by nature


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on Skype

For those who wish, it is possible to take advantage of remote consulting services, via PC or tablet.


in your spaces

Through a direct inspection, in case of specific problems, you can receive timely help for all your needs, analyzing with professional tools any problems.