Cochleae vases collection


A small architectures in Italian prehistoric stone from Matera (Città dei Sassi, UNESCO World Heritage, European Capital of Culture) and blown glass, combine the elements to create a vase collection inspired by the snails' life cycle. Each of these vases is made up of 2 or 3 pieces, which you will be able to put together yourself. This allows you to keep the materials separate and make them ready for new uses.



Selected by CLUSTER & London Craft Week








" (...) you can leave it without flowers

and it remains a marvel".


Romi L.C.


Cochleae vases collection is inspired by the life cycle of the snails and captures their growth when the invertebrate's body (represented by the curved glass) develops upwards from the embracing shell symbolized by two blocks of calcarenite, a historical stone only found in Matera. The glass and stone components are not glued, and can be disassembled, recycled and reused according to the circular design cycle that inspires Coki's sustainable artistic model.









Inspired by the anatomy of snails.

In snails the shell has the function of repairing the invertebrate and is formed in limestone, protects the mollusk both from external dangers and from heat, preventing it from drying out.
In the same way in the Cochleae project it is the stone shape, which symbolizes the shell snails, to give stability to the glass component, to which it is joined only thanks to the joint. The two materials always remain separate single bodies, which balance each other thanks to their weight.
Just inspired by the life of snails and their shapes, the three Cochleae models are born: Development,
Awakening, Liberation.







"I thought of combining silence, freedom and slowness: snails and their lifestyle came to mind. ".

Using natural materials and following a circular design that centers on a reuse-and-recycle approach, COKI. has created a series of decorative vases inspired by the snail shells.
This architectural design is composed of two different materials, both sourced in Italy: a curved glass tube inserted in a circular base of calcarenite (prehistoric stone of Matera), treated with a new mineral substance (100% natural) developed by COKI studio research.
The names of the vases refer to the life stages of the snails - hence the name Cochleae -  and are declined in: Awakening, Development and Liberation, associating each of these phases with different forms, born from the interconnection of the stone and glass components.
The stone shape (which remembers the snail shell) gives stability to the glass component (inspired by the body of the mollusk), to which it is merged only by joint (without the use of glue or other solutions).




  • recovered fossil stone
  • 100% natural materials
  • treatment of stone with 100% natural substance, odorless and free of substances harmful to man and the environment
  • completely disassembled
  • absence of glue
  • very long-lasting natural materials