coki barbieri

Bachelor's Degree in Architecture - Building Engineer Science,
Academic Degree in Interior Design,

Advanced Training in Public Space Design,
Esperto CasaClima® Iunior from 2015

" I would like to design objects that help people learn more about materials, their life cycle and the world of product design, beyond aesthetic judgment.

In the future I hope to find more contacts with companies that think this way to join forces, using both industrial and craft processes ".



coki barbieri

She has been taking care of projects that encourage the use of natural and recyclable materials in architecture, furnishing components and Pet Design since 2011. The purpose of each project is to offer practicality of use, healthiness of materials and a renewed contact with raw materials of natural origin.


"I imagine a tomorrow where there may be
more and more objects composed of natural materials:
beyond wood, even those with whom at the time
there is still no familiarity and the texture of which is not yet used.
They will be able to start new forms e
tell people that, in any case,
even if the shape is the first thing you see
it is always the last that a designer perfects:
the final aspect has a long way behind it.
It would be nice for everyone to become aware
of this aspect to appreciate product design
" .




After completing her studies in Interior Design and in Architecture and Building Engineering, she deepened his knowledge in the field of interior design with an Advanced Training Course for Public Spaces, touching on important topics such as ergonomics and design for disability.
She then began a research and experimentation journey on the use of natural materials in architecture and product design and since 2015 she has been part of the South Tyrol Energy Agency - CasaClima di Bolzano network, which takes care of technological aspects energy efficiency of buildings.
Since 2017 she has undertaken studies concerning the experience of use in Product Design, following the MicroMaster Program in User Experience (UX) Research and Design (University of Michigan).
She currently works with companies that deal with interior, exterior and furnishing design, bringing her expertise to every project with respect to the use of natural, healthy and environmentally sustainable materials.
She supports pet and veterinary technicians, with the aim of bringing important contributions in the field of the welfare of pets, using utility objects for professional and private use.




2007. Interior Designer ID European Graduated  IED Torino

2011. Architecture - Building Engineer Science Bachelor's Degree - UNIBO Alma Mater Studiorum di Bologna (Cesena)

2011. Public Spaces Advanced Training - POLIMI Politecnico di Milano (Milan)

2015. CasaClima network - Agenzia per l'Energia Alto Adige - CasaClima (Bolzano)

2017. User Experience (UX) Research and Design MicroMaster Program (University of Michigan).



2019 Salone Satellite Award

2016 La Ceramica e il progetto

2011 Nhow Hotel, bathroom restyling

2008 Mini Design Award

2007 Next: International Car Design, first prize

with Alessandro Ajmino, Elena Marrone, Federica Castagno & Sara Petrucci (now Acquacalda Design)

2007 Pietra di Langa e Design, first prize




leandro balducci



Collaborator and Electrical system supervisor



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Marketing Head



sabrina barbieri



Legal Protection



collaborators and project partners



Architect . Alfredo Lisi

Architect . Andrea Bartolini
Architect . Carmelo Muscolino

Technical Surveyor . Marco CalbucciBachelor Riccardo Crescentini

Engineer . Luca Sibani

Electrical system . Leandro Balducci + Alfredo Fabbro

Hydraulic system . Davide Scarpellini
3D printer  . Carlo Conti - Makeroba -
Sales Manager . Antonio Parise

Sales Manager . Simone Maldini

Sales Maager . Patrizia Alessandrini - Alessandrini Home -